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LA Series LED Grow Light
Model: LA Series
LED aquarium light



Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co.,LTD founded in 2012 for 10 years, As a LED grow light / Aquarium LED Lighting development & manufacturer, we have 500 staffs and 20000 square meters factory to specialized in manufacturing led grow light/Aquarium LED Lighting, Products sell well in countries all over the world.Our on-line catalogue represents the products our factories have the most experience with in order to provide you with reliable products at a competitive price,delivered on-time.Before ship all products go through production monitoring, multiple inspections for strict quality assurance testing and lab testing, which means that we will find failures before they become problems, thus preventing you from a disastrous quality problem. We always adhering to a concept to move forward: Without quality, there is no HERIFI !!!We all are here waiting for your inquiry, visiting to deal wiht a win-win long standing cooperation!Happy grow, Herifi Team.

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